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Green Attitudes » Becoming Green

Becoming Green

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1. Landscape for Less to the Landfill
Mulch or compost green waste on site, avoid plants that require extensive pruning, grasscycle, separate green waste for recycling.

2. Integrated Pest Management
Use IPM techniques: monitor pests and their natural enemies, use pest-resistant plants, evaluate damage vs. need to treat, use least toxic alternatives, spot treat if needed.

3. Reduce chemical use
Use IPM techniques, use compost instead of chemical fertilizers for soil and plant health.

4. Reduce water use at your job sites
Use drought tolerant plants, hydrozone, mulch, monitor irrigation schedule and system and in your office - install low flow devices on sinks and use water-conserving toilets.

5. Nurture soil health
Minimize tillage and chemical applications, use compost and mulch.

6. Prevent storm water run-off
Keep pesticides, soil, leaves and debris out of storm drains, keep vehicles and equipment leak-free.

7. Buy recycled-content products
In your office, buy recycled content paper products; in landscaping, use recycled lumber and other recycled content materials.

9. Reduce energy usage
Use energy efficient lighting in your office and monitor your energy bills.

10. Reduce emissions
Keep vehicles well-maintained and encourage employees to take public transit or carpool.

Printers And Paper Management
1. Computerize pre-press operations
-Eliminates photochemicals
-Saves water and energy
2. Establish a solvent recycling program
-Saves material
-Reduces air pollution
3. Use alcohol-free printing
-Improves air quality
-Improves worker health and safety
-Reduces chemical use
4. Print on “treeless” and recycled content papers
-Saves tree, energy, and water
-Encourages new agricultural development
-Keeps paper out of the landfill
5. Educate customers on “green printing”
-Printers produce a “greener” product
-Helps in pollution prevention, compliance, resource conservation
6. Use low VOC inks
-Reduces air pollution
-Improves employee safety
7. Sequence print jobs by ink color
-Saves ink changes, labor, ink waste
8. Establish inventory control
-Reduces waste to landfill, saves money
9. Communicate without paper
-Cuts cost and use of paper and solid waste
-Saves time, postage, and/or fax costs
10. Use energy efficient equipment
-Saves energy and money

Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention
Water Conservation

1. Conduct an indoor/outdoor water balance or assessment.

2. Implement all applicable simple conservation measures. &

3. Implement 3 of the suggested or industry specific water conservation measures.

Solid Waste Reduction & Recycling

1. Conduct a waste reduction assessment of solid waste streams.

2. Implement solid waste reduction and recycling measures.
Energy Conservation

1. Have your local energy utility or an energy service company conduct a commercial energy assessment.

2. Perform regular maintenance on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
3. Implement 2 alternative technologies and 5 behavioral changes.